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Red Acre Cabbage

AN impressive cabbage with the crisp, tender 6-7” heads of this bright

red-purple cabbage that will add vivid color as well as
beauty to your garden and table. Very split resistant and
stores very well. It is the best open pollinated early
variety there is! 65 Days from transplant. Sow seeds
¼”below soil surface indoors before last frost, then harden
off for outdoor planting

Fun Facts:


  • Cabbage is a good source of Vitamin C
  • In Greek mythology the cabbage sprang from fallen tears of a Thracian king who was about to be killed by Dionysus for uprooting some of his favorite grapevines
  • Cabbage was an expensive vegetable in Roman days
  • By the 15th century cabbage was widely used and cultivated in Europe
  • Cabbage was brought to the New World by early settlers
  • This variety was introduced in 1840

Red Acre Cabbage Vegetable Seeds

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