Red Salad Bowl Heirloom Lettuce  
45 Days

Leaves, of lovely red are deeply lobed, tender and sweet. Slow to bolt. Non heading Leaf variety.  Pick at baby-leaf stage for a sweet gourmet flavor or grow to full-size.  Great for salads or sandwiches. Ruffled edges and unique leaf shapes provide interesting texture, good shelf life, and fancy appearance. Perfect for raised bed gardening. Market gardeners love as well! Great for warm and cold climates and wont get bitter. All-America Selections winner for 1952. 

Plant in succession for a longer harvest!

Plant about 60 seeds per foot 
About 1000 will sow 16 feet

Fun Facts: 

There are four lettuce type classifications: crisphead, romaine, loose and butterhead
Several harvests can be obtained from one plant until the central stem forms
Loose-leaf lettuces provide vitamins A and C, folate, and iron

They can be used fresh in salads 
 Sowing instructions:
Sow seed directly in late spring after weather has warmed and soil is workable.
Plant Care: For the biggest yields grow plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly.

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce seeds Heirloom Top Quality Non GMO Home & M

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