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  • Robinia pseudoacacia
    Black Locust Tree

    White, pendulous, wisteria – like flowers droop down from among small, bright green leaves permeating the air with the sweet fragrance of spring. Young bark is smooth and green but becomes dark brown and deeply furrowed giving it a rugged and aged look. Can grow to 50 feet as a standard specimen tree in zones 4-8. The tree is deciduous and tolerates a wide variety of soil types and is drought tolerant. This tree makes a most interesting bonsai project and also grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant.

    Fun Facts

    1. The natural range extends from Pennsylvania southwestward to Alabama and westward to southern Illinois
    2. Germination occurs when soil is at least 75 º F
    3. This tree lives about 80 years
    4. Grows well in every soil
    5. Wood is used to make fence posts and rail road ties

    Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust Tree 10 seeds

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