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  • Ronde De Nice Squash
    52 days

    From the South of France some this variety of bush type zucchini produces small, round, green, fruits that are tasty and tender. This is a good squash to harvest small for the best flavor. Great for small gardens. Not resistant to frost so plant in late spring long after the threat of frost is past or start seeds indoors and transplant well after last frost. Rich creamy, tender flesh. Packed with nutrition. This fruit is best picked at about the size of a golf ball when it is at its succulent best giving it a real gourmet flavor and making it perfect for fresh eating, sautees’ and salads.

    =====Seed is a live perishable product All sales are Final

    Ronde De Nice Squash 10 Seeds -Heirloom Vegetable -Great Taste

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    $4.00Sale Price
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