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  • Santalum album
    East Indian Sandalwood

    Striking dark red blossoms tip the long, slim green branches of this small tropical evergreen tree native to India. The bark ranges in color from dark brown to black and features a red interior. Indian Sandalwood can live up to one hundred years, and has been highly prized throughout history. This species has been cultivated and traded since ancient times, and is known for the valued essential oil that's extracted from the tree. Over exploitation and fire are threats to the tree and because of this the Indian government has placed a ban on the export of the timber. Indian Sandalwood grows best in well drained, sandy soil.

    Fun Facts:

    1. The wood and oil is used in religious practices in India
    2. Once used in fine woodworking
    3. This species was the first to be known as sandalwood

    Santalum album East Indian Sandalwood 5 Seeds

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