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  •  ‘Scarlet Runner’ Bean

    This Bean has a lot to offer! A perfect ornament vine that bursts forth in spectacular bloom that also produces beans! Scarlet Runner is an heirloom variety with long, flat dark green pods with good eating qualities if picked young. If you are looking for color in the garden this bean becomes a beautiful added attraction. A fast grower, up to 10 feet! A profusion of pretty red and white flowers will stand out among a heavy cover of leaves.

    Fun Facts:

    • This species originated from the mountains of Central America
    • A terrific bean for small spaces
    • A perfect plant to attract hummingbirds
    • The starchy roots are still eaten by Central American Indians
    • It is commonly referred to as the Botil bean in Mexico

    Vegetable Seeds -Scarlet Runner Pole Bean -20 Heirloom eeds

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