• Eucalyptus robusta
    Swamp Mahogany   

    This tree thrives in swampy waterlogged soils. Rough, red-brown bark accent evergreen forest green leaves. Creamy white to light yellow flowers bloom from fall through winter. Straight trunk and irregular twisting branches make it perfect as a bonsai work of art. Will survive mild frosts and is known to survive temperatures as low as 16 degrees f in California with about 80% damage that recovered in 3 months.  They should not be subject to regular frost. Commonly known as the food of Koalas.   

    This very rare plant produces a versatile multi-purpose tree that is perfect for the plant collector. Although a tropical plant it is moderately drought tolerant but MUST be protected from frost. Seedlings will need a lot of light to grow well.  This tree is highly prized by collectors worldwide and seed is hard to get so don’t wait and buy yours today!

    Eucalyptus robusta Seeds Bonsai standard or container growing Swamp Mahogany