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  • Acacia dealbata
     Silver Wattle


    A multi purpose, small to medium tree grown for its ornamental value. Evergreen foliage is light green with mimosa like leaves, accented by yellow puffs that hang here and there.  Makes a great ornamental or bonsai work of art. A fast grower.  Likes full ssun and well-drained soil. Flower buds form in the fall and bloom in spring, so prunnining should cease prior to this. Does not tollerate frost. Allowing soil to accumulate around the base of the tree can cause it stress or death. This tropical beauty is a vigorous, fast growing plant perfect for the deck as well as greenhouse.  Growing height will depend on culture, with potted plants remaining much smaller. A truly unique ornamental especially for plant collectors and bonsai artists. Can be grown for its natural beauty as a container plant or bonsai work of art.  


    Buyers should do their own research for plant uses.


    We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    Seeds -Silver Wattle -Acacia dealbata Great for Bonsai - Tropica Container Plant

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