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  • Senegalia senegal / Acacia Senegal (Former Name)
    Acacia Gum
    A small deciduous tree native to many desert regions. In addition to being grown as a tropical plant it has a commercial use as a food additive. Mimosa like leaves are accented by white flower puffs. Low branches and roots that grow close to the surface making the plant a most interesting bonsai art piece. Likes coarse textured – sandy soils and is moderately drought tolerant. Can survive extreme heat but will not tolerate any frost whatsoever. Seed germination will be slow and not all at once. Do not over water.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Grows 16 – 40 feet as a standard in its native habitat
    2. The plant is a nitrogen fixer
    3. The wood can be used to make handles for tools, and parts for weaving looms
    4. The bark as well as surface grown roots are made into rope products
    5. In order to produce the desired gum the tree needs to be under stress
    6. Gum arabic has been used for at least 4,000 years in the preparation of food, medicines, crafts and as a cosmetic
    7. Flow