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  • California Redwoods, also known as Coastal Redwoods
    Imagine growing one of the largest living things on earth! A truly amazing tree that can grow more than 300 feet tall and 25 feet in diameter. The red-brown bark is soft and thick, and in its grown state can be up to 20 inches thick. Dark green needles are the perfect color against the red tree trunks. These very large conifers are native to the west coast. This giant evergreen makes a most interesting bonsai tree as well as a standard. 

    Fun Facts:

    • Sequoia can grow to 60 feet with some reaching as high as 375 feet
    • They can grow as big as 20 feet in diameter
    • They were once found worldwide
    • Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    • The name sequoia is to honor the great Cherokee patriarch or their written language, Sequoia
    • One sequoia called the Brotherhood Tree is over 2000 years old
    • A valuable ornamental feature is the stem and bark color


    Sequoia sempervirens California Redwood 10 Seeds

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