Sesbania grandiflora
Hummingbird Tree

Beautiful blossoms hang gracefully down from delicate, green-leaved foliage. The petals are similar in arrangement to pea flowers. A small, fast growing tropical tree, Sesbania grandiflora can grow up to 10 meters tall and is indigenous from Malaysia to North Australia. This tree loves hot, humid temperatures and plenty of water, but cannot tolerate snowy or cold weather. Perfect as a tropical houseplant, standard in zones 9+ (protected from frost), deck plant or greenhouse specimen.

Fun Facts:

1. The flowers are eaten as a vegetable in Southeast Asia
2. The leaves are added to white curry and coconut gravy in Sri Lanka
3. The wood is used in house construction
4. Leaves can be eaten by blanching them in boiling water, dipping in batter and frying in butter

Sesbania grandiflora Hummingbird Tree 10 Seeds