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  • Silver King White Corn 

    82 Days  Heirloom 1904

    Known as being one of the earliest Early to mature. A typical harvest will produce 9 inch ears, with about 16-18 delicious rows each. NOT to be confused with the enhanced hybrid. Great for fresh eating, roasted as well as a flour corn, once dried.  Adapted to resist colder weather. 

     J. A. Beagley of Sibly, IL  originated Silver King in 1890. Olds seed Co. offered it to gardeners in 1907.

    Fun Facts 

    1. Corn is grown on every continent except Antarctica
    2. One acre of corn removes about 8 tons of carbon dioxide 
    3. Corn ears always have an even number of rows
    4. The US produces 40% of the worlds supply of corn


    Use fresh, canned or frozen and as a flour corn. 

    Silver King White Corn 20 Seeds

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