• Apricot Tomato It doesn't get any more exotic than this! This prehistoric looking plant from the tropics is beautifully tinted with purple, fuzzy leaves. White flowers are followed by tomato-like fruit ripening to an orange-red with the flavor much like that of an Apricot. If you look close you can see protective spikes along the stems and even on top of the leaves. A truly amazing plant to grow! Notice a baby cardinal landed on one of our plants not bothered at all by the spines. A good place to hide out!

    Easy to grow. Just care for like a regular tomato plant. 

    Fun Facts:

    • The fruit is used to make juices and nectars, jams and preserves as well as pastries
    • Native to central America and the Andes Mountains
    • Also called naranjilla
    • The fruit juice is reported to taste like a combination of pineapple and strawberry
    • Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    • Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color 


    Solanum quitoense Apricot Tomato Seed