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  • Sorghum
    Egyptian Wheat – Broom Corn
    110 Days
    A tall growing member of the sorghum family well adapted to the Southeast. Egyptian Wheat bears loose seed heads containing an abundance of seed. Grows to 10 feet.  Egyptian Wheat is well suited for game birds, especially quail. Seed will mature approximately 110 days after emergence. Makes excellent cover for quail and other wildlife. Grow your own gluten free grain or flour!
    Fun Facts:
    1.             Member of the sorghum family and not wheat at all
    2.             Often used as a thick cover for wildlife
    3.             This grain is non GMO and Gluten Free
    4.             Remains of this grain have been found in southern Egypt dating back to 8000 BC
    5.             The 5th most consumed food
    6.             Arrived in the US in the 1700’s

    Sorghum Egyptian Wheat Ancient Grain 125 Seeds

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