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  • Sugar Beet Seeds! 
    All Natural Seed
    35 days for leaves
    up to 100 days for a root crop

    Grown for the production of natural sugars that are stored in the root. Cold tolerant and hardy in sun or shade that doesn't need a lot of water. Tolerates soils with a lack of fertility. A multi-use plant that can be harvested for the sweet root or leafy greens. Considered one of the best crops for a sustainable garden.

    How to Make Sugar from Beets:

    o    Cut the greens off of the root
    o    Clean thoroughly
    o    Dice and shred in a food processor
    o    Boil in a large pot filled with water to just cover the beets
    o    Boil about one hour until beets are soft and mushy
    o    Strain the pulp from the liquid
    o    To extract the most from the beet a cheesecloth can be used to squeeze the juice from the 
    o    Strain again if needed to remove all of the pupl from the fluid - fluid should be pulp free
    o    Boil remaining liquid down until it forms a sweet syrup or crystals-whatever is desired
    o    May take several hours

    Planting Depth - 1/2"
    Seed Spacing - 3"
    Plant spacing 4-6"
    Days to Germinate - 6-15 depending on soil temperature
    Row Spacing - 20"

    Sugar Beet -100 Heirloom Seeds Natural Sweetener -Sustainable Gardening

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $4.00Sale Price
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