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  • Sunnybrook Pimento Sweet Pepper

    This is one of the best sweet peppers around especially for short season growers. Sweet, succulent and aromatic peppers grow on short plants, producing a medium sized ruffled fruit.
    Peppers produce throughout the season. Perfect for fresh use, this sweet pepper can also be frozen, canned and pickled, roasted and make the perfect compliment to salsas. A true winner!

    Fun Facts:

    1. The sweet pimento is used for stuffing olives
    2. The pimiento was originally hand cut into small pieces and hand stuffed into olives to complement the strong flavor of the olive
    3. This method was very time intensive so a mechanical process was developed where the pimiento was shot via hydraulic pump through the olive, pitting the olive in the process
    4. Peppers grow green turning to red
    5. Peppers were grown extensively in Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies long before birth of Christ
    6. Columbus and other early explorers who introduced peppers to welcoming Europeans
    7. Peppers are a major New World contribution to the cuisine of the Old World
    8. By the 17th century, peppers were cultivated not only in Europe, but in much of Asia and Africa.
    9. Even though peppers are indigenous to the Americas, they were not introduced to North America until they arrived with the early colonists!

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

    Sunnybrook Pimento Sweet Pepper Vegetable Seed Pack - 10 Seeds

    $5.00 Regular Price
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