• Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion


    This is one of the most popular onions grown by home and market growers alike! Yellow white flesh is so sweet and flavorful it is perfect for salads, slicing, grilling, and all types of cooking. This variety produces extra large, globe shaped, yellow onions that are very mild with golden brown skin.  


     A long day onion that develops late in the season in the North and in the South it makes scallions, or fresh green onions, when planted as a fall onion. Needs 13 hours or more of day length for best bulb development. Dry well, and it will store for several months in a cool, dry place.


     Onions can weigh up to a pound or more!  Stores up to two months if cured properly. With correct growing conditions crops should produce good yields of  sweet, yellow onions.


    Long, slender, green stalks cluster together with superb flavor and versatile use. Grown for the tasty roots as well as the green tops. Use both the roots and tops fresh in salads, and as seasoning in most dishes especially Italian meals.   A reliable all season variety and is grown everywhere!


    Growing Hints:
    1.         Onions can take several months to mature from seed so it is better to start indoors early in the year then set out or they may be grown indoors in containers for year round production
    2.           Plant the seeds 1/4" deep in flats or pots 2-3 months before the last frost date
    3.         Keep soil moist and at room temperature
    4.         When tops begin to bend over trim them down to about 3" for root growth
    5.          Four weeks before the last frost or when the SOIL temperature reaches at least 50 degrees F, transplant the seedlings 3" apart in rows 12" apart
    6.         For direct sowing outdoors, sow four-five seeds per inch 1/4" deep in rich composted soil with full sun
    7.          Use as a companion plant with cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and keep moist
    Plant Care: For the biggest yields grow plants in raised composted beds.  
    Water regularly.

    Sweet Spanish Onion Seeds