Tabernaemontana divaricate
Crepe Jasmine

They don’t come any better than this! Beautiful evergreen of glossy, deep green foliage that hugs the ground and can grow as long as 6 inches. Scented lovely white 5 petal blooms peek out like little pinwheels from the green, beginning in spring and can bloom sporadically all year.

Perfect as an ornamental tropical or outdoor standard in warm zones. Likes most soil types. Keep moist and well drained.

Fun Facts:
1. Native to tropical India
2. Grown for its ornamental value
3. Zones 9+ as an outdoor standard
4. Can tolerate very brief periods of freezing of high 20’s without damage
5. Can be grown outdoors in zone 8 but will die back for winter
6. Grows fast
7. Not a true jasmine

Tabernaemontana divaricate Crepe Jasmine 10 seeds