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  • Tacca chantrieri
    Black Bat Flower

    Dark, bat shaped, bracts hover over dark maroon flowers veined with purple bracts make this an outstanding specimen. Long whiskers hang down from the flower. Flowers begin to bloom in early summer and rest atop 6-12 flower stems once the plant produces 3-4 lance shaped dark green leaves.

    Seedlings need a very light and porous, well drained soil for success. Keep foliage moist and keep plants in the shade. This is a long-lived, tuberous herbaceous perennial. Frost tender.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Native to the Old World Tropics and Pacific Islands
    2. Highly prized by horticultural hobbyists
    3. Grows wild in the understory of tropical rainforests
    This is a demanding seed to start and will require patience for germination – (1-9 months) in addition to proper care for success. Needs humidity, protection from wind, proper soil, correct watering program. Under excellent conditions the plant will reward you with a multitude of exotic blooms and will be well worth the work.

    Tacca chantrieri Black Bat Flower 20 seeds Gothic Garden

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