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  • Tamarindus indica

    Reaching high in the bright blue sky, evergreen leaves grace dark gray branches, extending outwards and crowning the canopy with lush foliage. Orchid Like flowers are painted with streaks of orange and red, blossom every year, unassuming yet striking. Rich, dark brown pods grow in abundance, containing dark crimson, juicy pulp flavored with a sweet and sour taste. A tropical tree, tamarind prefers warmer climates, but can survive cold temperatures once established. During the first year of growing this tree, make sure to keep it sheltered from cold weather, and provide adequate water.

    Fun Facts:

    1.The flowers are a great source of nectar for honeybees
    2.Some African tribes regard the tree as sacred
    3.Fine silk is produced by silkworms fed with Tamarind
    4.India is the largest producer of Tamarind
    5.One of the ring tailed lemurs favorite foods, in Madagascar
    6.A perfect complement to savory dishes

    Tamarindus indica Tamarind Tree - 10 seeds

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