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  • Taylors Dwarf Horticultural Dry Shelling Bean
    Heirloom 1700's

    62-80 Days
    App 120-150 seeds per 20 foot row
    An old time favorite. High yields of long pods grow on short plants of 14-18." Earlier than most. Vigorous, semi-runner plants produce 6-8" mature pods with striking color. Pods are brilliantly splashed with scarlet containing large red striped beans. An unusually attractive item for shelled and dried beans.  Grows well in cooler climates. Used primarily for shelling.  Saute fresh beans with onion, garlic and prosciutto for a fast simple Italian side dish. 

    Beans are very easy to grow and manage.  This group of beans is a favorite for the home garden and can be grown just about anywhere because they have a relatively short growing season.   

    Fun Facts:  
    1. Brought to US from Italy
    2. Cranberry type beans have a creamy texture and nutty flavor, somewhat like chestnuts

    Perfect for soups and salads and any dry bean use like succotash

    Vegetable Seeds-French Horticultural Beans -30 Seeds-Taylors Dwarf Dry Shelling

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