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  • Tendersweet Carrot
    75 Days 
    An orange gourmet carrot 7" long that delivers a crisp sweet taste and juicy bite that you will find irresistible! The sweetest carrot on the market! This coreless variety is perfect for serving whole and great for container growing. By far a more superior than you will find at the local supermarket. Packed full of vitamins, equally nutritious as it is delicious!

    Carrots are a cool-weather crop, best sown direct as soon as the soil is workable in spring, or in late summer for fall harvest. Heavy soils are a problem for root development, so prepare the soil thoroughly before planting or, if you are in a clay soil area, consider growing in raised beds or even containers. Carrots also need moisture to keep from splitting. Harvest the roots as soon as you want, but certainly when they are less than 2 inches across; the smaller the tastier!

    Fun Facts:

    • Higher in vitamins A and B than their store-bought counterparts, home-grown carrots are also rich in calcium and phosphorus
    • Carrots are high in beta carotene
    • A perfect variety for any garden
    • The orange pigment converts to vitamin A once eaten
    • First cultivated in the Mediterranean regions and grown by the Romans

    Tendersweet Carrot NON Gmo Seeds

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