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  • Truckers Favorite Yellow Corn
    77 Days
    A very hardy corn that can be planted much earlier than most varieties and makes the finest roasting ears you will find. Ears are 8-10” long and over 6 inches around. Ready for the table or market in just 70 days! Stalks grow to 8 feet. Best when harvested in the “milk’ stage for roasting. Otherwise let mature and dry for flour.
    Fun Facts

    12-14 Rows on a cob
    TW Wood and Sons claim to have introduced this variety in the 30’s


    Sun: Full Sun
    Sowing Method: Direct Sow
    Days to Maturity: 80 days
    Height: 5 feet
    Spread: 12 inches
    Thinning: 12 inches -


    Use fresh, canned or frozen.

    Sowing instructions

    Sow seed directly in late spring after weather has warmed and all danger of frost has passed. Plant 4 to 6 seeds per pole in hills. Plant seeds in hills or rows about 3 feet apart. Germination results in 5-10 days. They can be planted from seed as soon as the soil is warm, day temperatures around 60 degrees F in full sun and loose, well drained soil.

    Vegetable Seeds-Truckers Favorite- Yellow Corn -50 Heirloom Seeds

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