• A beautiful little deciduous tree that blooms long purple spikes among aromatic gray green foliage on the underside and darker green on top. Leaves are mildly aromatic which gives it its other name of sage tree though not related at all to sage. Blooms begin in mid summer in a fantastic display of purple and continue sporadically in to fall. I have seen this tree being cultured as a bonsai specimen and it looked fantastic. This beauty is truly an all purpose winner!

    Fun Facts:
    Another common name for the tree is Monks pepper because of the look of the seeds
    The tree is drought tolerant once established
    Easy to grow in almost any soil
    Blooms form on new wood so pruning should be done when tree is dormant
    For standard outdoor growing – zones 6-10 Sun to shade
    A very effective landscape center piece
    Can be grown as a container plant

    Vitex angus castus Tree Seeds Chaste tree

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