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  • Perennial Winter Thyme
    Winter Hardy
    NOTE: Seeds are very tiny

    A low growing, outstanding Garden Heirloom grown for its beautifularomatic leaves and harvested for its sweetly scented oil. Grows to about 8” . A top performer with superior winter cold hardiness! Small, sweet fragrant flowers blom a lovely white. Used in salads, chicken and fish recipes, soups, stews, sauces, pickles, and many Mediterranean or other dishes. Grow in the herb garden as well as in containers and baskets for indoor year round use.

    Thyme is the most popular culinary herb besides mint and retains its flavor in long, slow cooked dishes. Thyme is an attractive edging plant or a spreading plant among and over rocks gardens and pathways, growing best in light, well-drained soil.

    -- Sow in pots or flats in Spring or Autumn or anytime for indoor use
    -- Sow seed on the surface of lightly firmed, moist seed potting mix
    -- Do not cover the seed --they need light to germinate
    -- Cover the seed container with a piece of clear plastic and place in diffused light
    -- Once germination begins lift cover to gradually allow new air in

    == When large enough to handle, transplant seedlings into pots
    == Gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions, if planting out is desired, for 10-15 days before planting out after all risk of frost has past
    == Grow in full sun
    == Refrain from cutting back to hard

    -- Harvest small leaves for fresh use throughout the summer -best before flowering occurs
    -- Hang in small bunches to dry
    -- Use small stems in olive oil

    == Fresh thyme has a softer flavor than dried thyme
    == Dried Thyme is better in spicy food
    == Thyme has been known to repel cabbage worms and other pests making it a perfect companion plant

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

    Winter Garden Thyme - 100 Seeds -Heirloom -Non GMO

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