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  • Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis
    Yard Long Bean

    A very unique bean that actually grows bean pods to 3 feet in length. Fun for kids and kids at heart, this bean will not disappoint! Growing on a vigorous vine, perfect for trellis gardening or fences, the plant produces edible green beans best picked for eating before reaching full length.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Pods begin to form in 60 days
    2. Produces pods until frost

    Each seed pack you buy from us is:
    Properly labeled and packaged in individual packs.
    Each label has information specific to the seed you are buying!
    This widely adaptable tree can be used for a wide range of uses including, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse or houseplant. It makes the perfect patio plant but, will need protection from frost. Keep tree well watered until established.

    We have been in the garden - seed business for over 40 years and were one of the first to sell seeds on the internet many years ago. We will give you quality seed and service. We will be there for you not only today but down the road from now should you need growing help or more seeds. We thank you in advance for your business.

    Yard Long Bean 10 Premium Seeds

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $4.00Sale Price
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