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  • Yellow Pear Tomato
    80 Days From Transplant
    Indeterminate - OP 
    Very productive plants produce an endless supply of beautiful, mild and sweet, gourmet type, flavorful, 1 -2 inch pear shaped tomatos. Tomatoes grow in clusters, like grapes.   Perfect for salads in addition to fresh eating and great on sandwiches. Makes the perfect addition to salsas. Many use them for canning whole. A truly beautiful variety that will add color to any dish! An early producer. 

    Fruit size: 1-2" Pear
    Matures: 8 days
    Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
    Plant size:   up to 6-8 feet tall
    Plant type: Indeterminate


    Fun Facts

    1. Tomatoes are believed to have originated in the western portions of South America
    2. Varieties of wild tomatoes are still found in Peru
    3. Aztecs of Central America called it "xitomatl"
    4. In 1692 a cookbook was published in Naples and mentions the Tomato

    They can be used fresh, frozen, canned and in salads 


    Tomato Seeds -Yellow Pear Tomato-40 Seeds- Vegetable Seeds- All Natural

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