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  • Cananga odorata
    Ylang Ylang
    Perfume Tree 


    An abundance of fragrant yellow flowers accent lush green foliage and smooth gray bark. The plant is aromatic attracting pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.  The sweet flowers are used in the perfume industry. Grow as a tropical container plant in most areas. Once established the tree will bloom continuously.


    Perfect as an ornamental tropical or outdoor standard in warm zones. Likes most soil types. Keep moist and well drained.


    Protect from frost or plant in frost free spots. Can be kept as a container plant in cold zones. Naturally grows in warm, moist, humid regions. The tree grows best in full sunlight. Ylang-Ylang grows with no particular requirements of soil, water or food.  


    Ylang Ylang or Perfume Tree 10 Tropical Seeds- Cananga Odorata

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