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  • Zizyphus mauritania
    Ber Tree
    This small deciduous/ semi evergreen tree grows shiny bright green smooth leaves accented in the summer by mildly fragrant, small yellow – white flowers that produce in abundance along the leaf axis although may not be very showy. The plant loves hot summers suns and when the season turns to autumn leaves yellow and fall. 

    The valued fruit follows flowering and grows to plum size beginning green and ripening to a yellow green with mahogany spotting, turning to a final brown-red. 

    Jujubes should be given a warm, sunny location, but are otherwise relatively undemanding. Given adequate heat and sun, the trees will thrive without any special care. They should not be planted in the shade of other trees. Drought tolerant once established. Unpruned trees produce as well as those having been pruned. Winter pruning will keep the plants in better health.

    The plant tolerates a wide variety of soil types and like some humidity. This tree grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant. 

    Fun Facts:
    1. The jujube originated in China where they have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years and where there are over 400 cultivars
    2. Introduced to the US in 1837 from China
    3. Hardy Outdoors in zones 5+
    4. The plant is self fertile
    5. Trees have been known to survive -28° F

    Ziziphus mauritiana Indian Jujube Seeds

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